Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Talk amongst the birds

She spent the day perusing Angelou, Dickens, Frost and Bukowski, feeling their words touch hers, mirrored emotion running with years of distance.
How brilliant their minds, how genius their work!
One theme amplified amidst the pages of Neruda, Wilde and Wordsworth was wading through her soul...
Words touching words. Birds.
Voices of love lost and heard. Words about birds.
She felt inspired and saddened at the same time.
How has she existed so long without having these pieces visit her eyelashes and take a carriage ride right into the depths of her being...
Now, she wants to be forever lost within their language, sleep in their stanzas and holiday in their verse.

"The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom."

Maya Angelou

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wise Counsel (...?...)

You are help,
You are an ear
on the other side of the Formica table.
You are kind,
to hear and put up with
my rantings unstable.
You are hired,
To tolerate my 
dribbling words;
You are tired,
Of mindless excuses absurd.
You are help,
You are near
via telecommunicative cable…
You are in the dark…
So I’ll spout another fable.


Keep Write, unless passing...

Can cracked,
Cracked lips,
Lip service
To this thing I call my craft.
Pen drawn,
Drawn apart,
Disconnecting cumulus clouds
Lets me formulate my "art."
A clandestine affair,
between myself and blotted ink;
Illicit words,
Forgotten verse,
Disallowing me to .....
Be able to sling intellectual prose,
Search the archived tomes of my historical wrongs....
Wrong doing,
Doing well;
Well enough at least to carry on.


Take a number

We wander,
Up elevators and stairs,
Sit down on designated chairs,
Withstand cold and questioning glares;
As everyone compares.
Please provide proof of life,
Show us your wounds and scars.
Please hold, please sign, please cue here,
She wanders to and from bars.


Big voice, little mouth.

She wants to scream,
To shriek and shout; 
To let hysteria
Permeate out.
She wants to laugh and open her mouth,
But something makes her go without.
She loves to smile,
To smirk and grin,
To radiate the energetic heat
Felt within.
She loves telling stories, giggle, muck about;
But one component makes her doubt.
Big voice, little mouth,
She has the heart to scream devout!
Big voice, little mouth,
Decaying words will never come out.


Collectively curious are we

We wait;
Wait to hear back,
wait for answers,
wait for completion, 
wait for our tea…
We search;
Search for strength,
search for meaning,
search for love,
search for our keys…
We watch;
Watch our consumption,
watch our screens,
watch each other,
watch the time…
We write;
Write our response, 
write our dreams,
Right our wrongs,
Write and rhyme…
We are;
We are Okay,
we are only human,
we are ourselves,
aren’t we…?